frequently asked questions

Do you provide blasters, ammo, and safety glasses?

Rapid Fire provides core dart and rival series blasters, ammo and safety glasses. There is an upcharge to rent premium blasters (ie. Rival Perses). Everyone in the arena, whether a participant or spectator, must wear safety glasses at all times.

Can we bring our own ammo?

No. We provide elite and mega darts as well as rival series ammo. We do not currently allow ultra type of ammo (ie. unique to the ultra one and ultra two blasters).

Can I bring my own blaster (even if it's modded)?

Yes, we love modded blasters, however, we reserve the right to inspect your blaster and/or disallow use of it without explanation. When bringing your own blaster into Rapid Fire, leave any duffle bags, backpacks or blaster cases in your vehicle.

What time should we arrive for our party?

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your event time to go over a few tutorials and safety tips.

Can we add time to our party?

Game time lasts 90 minutes, however you can use the auxiliary party room for an additional 30 minutes after your event.

How much time do we have for a nerf battle/dodgeball combo party?

Each combo event is appx 40 min for nerf battles and 35 minutes for extreme dodgeball. There is a 15 minute changeover between sessions. Each party reserves the right to adjust the time for each session.

Do we have to share the arena with anyone else?

Rapid Fire has the ability to be one large arena or broken into two smaller arenas. Only a certain number of participants will be allowed into the arena at a time (this is for the best experience). If you reserve one side of the arena, there may be another party on the other side. It is ALWAYS our suggestion to reserve the entire arena for the ultimate Rapid Fire experience.

Can children under 7 years old participate?


Can grandparents and other family members join parties as spectators?

We do not charge extra for those who do not participate, however if your party has more than 20 spectators you will be responsible for paying for an additional auxiliary party space (pending availability) at a rate of $250. Please let any grandparents know this can be a loud environment.

Can I participate with my child during their party?

Each party includes a specific number or participants with the option to add more (priced accordingly). Only those marked as participants may play in the arena. There is a fee for each additional participant beyond the included number.

Can we bring an outside DJ?

Yes. You will be required to rent the entire Rapid Fire arena (see Nerf Battles page). As a reminder you are only allowed 30 minutes to set up for your event.

Can we bring outside food and drink to our party?

You may bring food and/or cake. Outside beverages and/or liquor are not permitted. Rapid Fire sells beverages and light snacks. We do not provide utensils, plates or napkins.

Do I have to sign a waiver as a spectator?

Yes. Everyone who enters the Rapid Fire arena must sign a waiver. Please sign the waiver online prior to arriving for your party so as not to consume game time.

Rapid Fire is a family-friendly entertainment space. Please be mindful of the ages of other participants in regards to the use of language. Rapid Fire has a zero tolerance policy for fighting, regardless of age. If you are involved in an altercation you will be asked to leave without refund. We reserve the right to inspect any bag or purse brought into the business. No large bags such as duffle bags will be allowed. No food is allowed in the arena. No food or drink is allowed on the arena floor. Rapid Fire reserves the right to refuse service.