Rapid Fire offers 6,000 mixed square feet of Nerf-style, action packed,
head-to-head competition, along with Extreme Dodgeball and party space.

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Nerf blasters

Now you can shop online and shop locally for your favorite nerf blasters.

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everything has led up to this…
WArzone: blackout

Experience Rapid Fire like never before, with rail-mounted tactical lights in a pitch black battlefield. 1/27/21 at 6:30pm and 1/30/21 at 8:00pm. Ages 12+.

Corporate Team Building

Go head to head with colleagues for the perfect team building experience!


Have the most unforgettable birthday party at Rapid Fire. Great for any age!


Join or create a team and get ready for the Tournaments to begin!


Schedule your Summer graduation party now!

Reserve Rapid Fire for your next party! Learn More!

Customize your event

Whether you’re looking for your company’s next team building event, your child’s birthday party, or just a night to let loose with your friends or family, let the Rapid Fire team help you customize your event. Choose between Nerf battles, Extreme dodgeball, or a mix of both.

Each booking includes exclusive access to an auxiliary room for your guests. Reserve half of Rapid Fire for smaller parties, or book the entire arena (highly recommended for the ultimate experience) for larger groups.

League play

Monthly registration for the league is currently suspended, however you may sign up for a discounted weekly pass.

Click the link below to gain access to the league!

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exclusive events

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exclusive events and theme-based battles.


Are you ready to battle it out in the nerf-style arena, or dominate in extreme dodgeball? Click the link below to reserve Rapid Fire today.

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    A Message
    from Rapid Fire

    We have made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend the fun at Rapid Fire at the end of January. But this is not a farewell.

    We never expected a pandemic to hit after signing the lease for Indiana’s largest Nerf arena, and despite the same immense challenges other small businesses all across the country have faced during this time, we are grateful to have been able to safely host your birthday parties, sports teams, corporate events, bachelor parties, and even the National Guard, to name a few. We sincerely thank all of you who have become our friends and family, including the faithful league members.

    Continue to follow us here, on Facebook and Instagram for updates, as our goal is to reopen the arena when the climate is better suited for it. See you soon.

    Ready. Aim. Rapid Fire.

    -Paul & Sabrina

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